The Human Spectrum

The Human Spectrum

As humans we develop uniquely in ways that allow for adaptive survival. Our resiliency lends to coping in all environments. Reconciliation of whole beings and understanding in how we develop as individuals, and as a culture, allows for attending to our abilities.

Most of us are not disordered, rather misordered in our approach to wellness. Our strengths and weaknesses are often one in the same.

Our work together will offer awareness and acceptance of self to allow attendance to growth toward authenticity.

Understanding MisOrdered

Ashley Ray, M.S., L.P.C., C.P.C.

MisOrdered: The Human Spectrum is a paradigm shift for human health. Moving beyond mental health, Misordered works to understand humans within the context of development and adaptation to work toward an acceptance of our authentic selves.

Ashley Ray developed Misordered throughout years as a clinical practitioner, including assessment and higher education. Their work has been focused in studies of human

development, human sexuality, and child and family structures. Ashley works from a sociological/anthropological framework in understanding how we develop and sense the world around and within us.

Misordered allows our beings to be conceptualized through the many aspects that impact who we are and how we connect. Ashley believes that most of us are not disordered, rather that we have developed adaptive coping skills for survival in our unique personal realities. Exploring how these skills can be useful in our current lives instead of diseases from which we disconnect ourselves - allows one to reconcile and incorporate one’s abilities to work toward a more genuine life.

Areas of Focus:

Human/Brain/Behavior Development--Education -- Relational Work -- Human Sexuality -- Grief/Loss -- Trauma -- Gestalt -- Mood/Behavior Management (Depression, Anxiety, Obsession/Compulsions) -- Sensory Processing -- Addiction -- Body Wellness -- Kink/Lifestyle/Sex Positive & Knowledgeable -- LGBTQ+ -- Culturally Sensitive --


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